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  1. Applications 

    1. How do I apply to the program?
    2. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of being accepted while waiting on the final results?
    3. I have been accepted into the Founder Institute; what now / what is next?
    4. My company has a team later stage and I have a co-founder already. Should I apply to the program?
    5. Can I get an update on my application?
  2. Assignments 

    1. How much time do the weekly assignments take to complete? What is the time commitment?
    2. Can I update my assignment before a deadline?
    3. What is an example assignment during the semester?
  3. Attendance 

    1. Do I have to attend every session? What if I am out of the country or have travel planned? Can I attend or participate remotely?
    2. Can I attend sessions in one location and then move to another city while in the program?
    3. How many sessions am I allowed to miss throughout a semester?
    4. Are the working group sessions typically in person or virtual?
  4. Co-Founder 

    1. Can a team apply to the Founder Institute?
    2. Does the Founder Institute help you find a co-founder?
    3. I have a co-founder. Do we all need to apply? Do we all need to be accepted, and do we all need to pay?
  5. Contact 

    1. Can I have the email of the Directors in my city?
    2. Do you have a phone number? Can I speak to someone in person?
  6. Fellowships & Scholarships 

    1. Can I receive help / assistance / financial support / scholarships for the course fee payment ?
    2. When is the best applicant for the Fellowship or Scholarship going to be revealed?
    3. When will fellowships and scholarships be awarded? Will I get notified even if I don't get a fellowship?
    4. How do I apply for a scholarship / fellowship in my city? How do I know if I am eligible for them?
    5. I have already filled out my application, how can I still apply for a fellowship or scholarship?
  7. Funding 

    1. Does the program provide funding?
  8. Lead a Chapter 

    1. I would like to start a Founder Institute Chapter in my city. Please give me more details how to lead a chapter in a new city.
    2. Can I have the email of the Directors in my city?
    3. What do I have to do to bring FI to my city? I want to host / direct Founder Institute events.
  9. Legal / Incorporation 

    1. How does the Bonus Pool work? I Don't understand the Bonus Pool Equity Allocation.
    2. What if my company is already incorporated? Can I or should I still enroll into the program.
    3. I cannot upload the Founder Agreement / Warrant. What do I do?
    4. I see that there is a requirement for incorporation, will the program be able to help with that?
    5. How is our intellectual property protected during the program? Will somebody steal my idea? How do I know nobody will steal my idea in the program?
  10. Locations 

    1. I am visiting a city where the Founder Institute operates. Can I come see FI and get a tour?
    2. When is the next Semester in my city?
    3. Why isn't FI in my city? How do I bring the Founder Institute to my city?
    4. Is there an office that I can visit to ask any questions?
    5. Are there any chapters in my city? Are there any programs in my country?
  11. Mentors 

    1. How are Mentors assigned in the program?
    2. Can I have a mentor's email address?
    3. I have a very specific idea. How do I know if the mentors have the expertise that I need for my specific business?
    4. Do mentors invest in Founder Institute companies? Do they join as team members or advisors?
    5. How are mentors compensated?
  12. Other 

    1. Can FI help me acquire / get my visa? Does the Founder Institute help with housing?
    2. Are you hiring? How do I apply to work for the Founder Institute?
    3. I would like to know more about the course before I pay anything. How is that possible?
    4. Do you have a phone number ? / Is there a contact phone number I can call ? / Can I speak to someone in person?
    5. I would like to meet with someone at the Founder Institute to talk about my Startup. Can you advise on how to set up a meeting with someone at the Founder Institute?
  13. Partnerships / Sponsorships 

    1. I want to promote an article with the Founder Institute. Who do I speak with about a promotional partnership?
    2. How to I sponsor/ partner with the Founder Institute. I would like to promote my services or company.
    3. I have an idea for partnership and would like to offer Founder Institute Startups a deal on my company's services.
    4. Do you help with legal, accounting, hosting, development, office space, or any other services?
    5. Who are the service provider partners for the Founder Institute?
  14. Payment / Costs 

    1. When is the deadline for paying and enrolling in the program?
    2. When is the drop-out deadline and how soon will my money be refunded?
    3. How can I pay my course/tuition fees?
    4. Can I receive assistance / help with travel / food / room & board / accommodations?
    5. If I drop out of the program or get dropped after the refund deadline, can I return to the next semester for free? Can I join a different location?
  15. Profile 

    1. I would like to change my photo / profile picture on my Founder Institute profile.
  16. Requirements / Enrollment 

    1. Do you only accept tech companies at Founder Institute?
    2. What other in-person commitments will I need to fulfill outside the session?
    3. What documents / agreements do I need to upload to enroll into the program? Am I required to upload the Warrant or Board Consent Form?
    4. Do you think I'm a fit for FI even though I'm non-technical?
    5. My idea is not very strong, should I still enroll?
  17. Resources 

    1. How can I access the webinars?
  18. Sessions 

    1. When do sessions take place and how long do they last?
    2. Do you already have the program and dates for the following session? When is the next program?
    3. Are semester sessions open to the public?
    4. In what language are courses taught? Are they taught in English?
    5. Are you holding a event / session / course / semester in my city?
  19. All articles 

    1. Does the program provide funding?
    2. How do I apply to the program?
    3. Can I transfer my application to next semester? Do I have to take the test again?
    4. Do you only accept tech companies at Founder Institute?
    5. How are Mentors assigned in the program?
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